Your logo is one of the key building blocks of your business

A logo is a visual identity—the face of a brand—that builds first an impression among the audience. It is not just an aesthetical arrangement of a company’s name—instead, it is the encapsulation of a brand’s message in a stimulating manner that leaves a mark on the viewer’s mind. Statistics show that a person, on an average, comes across 5,000 brand logos each day. In such a situation, there is a greater chance of a brand going unnoticed if the logo doesn’t trigger the viewers’ attention immediately.

A powerful brand logo is etched in the minds of the viewers and lasts for a long time. 


Stand Out from your competitors

We create unique and aesthetically-pleasing WordPress websites, tailored to your brand identity and business goals. Our expert designers craft custom layouts, find the best colour schemes, and choose the typography that reflects your brand’s personality.

Logo Rebranding

When updating a logo you don’t want to lose your branding, or become unrecognisable to your audience. The biggest brands update their logos every year with small changes which are barely noticeable. This subtle modernization allows consumers to still recognise the brand, while also keeping it fresh.

Should you scrap your old logo completely? Well for starters this old logo must have worked, as you managed to get your foot in the door to begin with. So it is best practice to take the positive qualities from this design, to keep it familiar with your audience and create a smoother transition.

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